Is Organic Prospects Legit?

My hopes in writing this review is that real marketers out there such as yourself, will benefit from seeing an actual first-hand account of what exactly you get as a member of OP (Organic Prospects) should you signup. Also address the big question “how much or how little of a benefit you can expect with an advertising service such as this.”

Ok let me back up a little bit. My name is Kyle Jesperson and I’ve been promoting various affiliate marketing sites off and on for roughly 3 years. Nothing too fancy, just mostly ClickBank and JVZoo programs, and the odd funnel matrix program thrown in there as well if there’s some good buzz about it. I do a fair bit of my marketing through email and every now and then a program comes around that REALLY catches my attention, and like the curious person that I am, I begin to research it in depth and really dig my teeth in.

Such was the case when an email popped in my inbox from a long time marketer I know and trust, introducing this big massive launch for a program called Organic Prospects. I remember clicking on the link in the email and watching an attractive site popping up, auto-playing a video talking about their business services. I’ll be honest, the site looked pretty good but I was in the middle of some other work at the time so I bookmarked the page and said to myself that I would revisit it sometime later in the week…at least that’s what I thought.

The crazy thing is that during the rest of that day almost 1/4 of the emails I received in my inbox was touting the same Organic Prospects program like it was the second coming or something like that. And if that wasn’t crazy enough, the same thing continued the next day, and the day after that and the day after that. And it kept growing and growing. Well I couldn’t take it anymore, so like the loyal marketer that I am, I went back to the Organic Prospects bookmark that I originally saved from the first person that told me about it and decided to finally see what all the fuss was about. I mean, this program seems to have more buzz about it then anything I have come across since Empower Network first came on the scene years back, and that program turned out to be humongous with thousands of people making an absolute killing from it.

The first thing I do before signing up for anything is do a quick Google search on the program. Every review blog that I looked at, every You Tube video I watched, and pretty much every forum post I perused was unoquivically positive which was very intriguing to say the least. (edit) actually there was one fellow in a marketing forum that said that OP support hadn’t responded to his ticket in 3 days, but that is not a big deal in my opinion as support tickets not received are often the case due to spam blockers set too high or something like that.

Alright, so the online reputation of this program is good so now it was time to go through the sales page and find out what you get as a member.

Here is a synopsis of the auto-play video on the main sales page:


Genuine Interest. It’s what separates the prospects that buy from you, from the ones that don’t.

The higher the Genuine Interest Level, the more likely they are to buy from you.

So simply put, if you can somehow find a way to promote your opportunity to prospects with only the highest level of genuine interest, your sales are guaranteed to skyrocket.

So how do you find these prospects with the highest genuine interest levels?

We’ve developed a proprietary 4 step process of acquiring, grading, filtering, and distributing home business prospects that is transforming the speed in which marketers build their
programs online.

Let’s dive right in.

Step 1. Acquire.

We target the top 15 social media sites when running our prospect acquisition campaigns. We seek prospects with the highest Genuine Interest Level to begin with.

Step 2. Grade.

Our proprietary grading process, grades each prospect with a Genuine Interest Level between 0 to 100%. The higher the Genuine Interest Level, the higher the prospect quality.

Step 3. Filter.

We then filter the prospects based on Genuine Interest Level Grading. We discard prospects that grade below 75%, leaving only the highest converting organic prospects to be distributed to
our customers.

Step 4. Distribute.

Each member will be assigned 70 organic prospects on a daily basis that can be viewed, downloaded and contacted with our complimentary mailing system.

So what do you get as a member of Organic Prospects?

1. 70 Prospects Daily. We filter out prospects graded below 75% in Genuine Interest, providing you with 70 organic prospects per day.

2. Exclusivity. What’s yours is yours. Every organic prospect you receive is 100% exclusive to you.

3. Tier One Prospects. Our prospects are primarily from the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, with at least 80% from the US.

4. Freshness. Every organic prospect is acquired, graded, filtered and distributed to you within 48 hours.

5. Genuine Interest Level Filter. We only supply you with prospects that have a Genuine Interest Level above 75%.

6. Organic Mailer. Membership includes a complimentary mailing system to contact your organic prospects. No 3rd party autoresponder needed.

Now for the best part, the price. During beta-testing we surveyed 45 safelist admins using Organic Prospects, and the feedback was phenomenal. We asked these admins how much they would
charge for a service like Organic Prospects, based on the results they received over the 2 month test period. The average monthly fee suggested, came back at $109 per month… But we had
a different idea!

Our primary focus has always been helping beginners succeed online, by supplying them with the highest quality home business prospects. As marketers ourselves, we have wasted thousands
online, testing different advertising sites and services. It’s time we give back to the industry. We are proud to offer accounts at $29.95 per month with a small setup fee of $30.

Go Organic today!

Organic Prospects. Acquired. Graded. Filtered. And Distributed to YOU!


My first thought when going through the main sales page is that this is EXACTLY what I had been looking for.

Prospects that are selectively pre-qualified and filtered specifically with my business in mind.

I’m really not that picky when deciding to join an advertising service. All that I’m looking for is a decent online reputation and a product that offers something that will potentially be of value to me. The cost to join is $59.95 your first month (includes a one-time admin setup fee) and then $29.95 a month after that. Very reasonable. I have spent thousands over the years on all sorts of traffic Exchanges, solo-ad buys, traffic ad co-ops and you name it, so $29.95 per month is no biggie ESPECIALLY with all the crazy buzz going on with this product. Did I mention it was huge lol?

So I jumped in and joined, paying the signup fee with my Visa (they also offered the option of Mastercard, Diners and Payza if I’m not mistaken)

Once I’m in the members area I notice a few things right off the bat. Clean. Very clean. No trace of banner or text ads, no pop-up, no upsells that I can see or anything like that. Just a few main heading tabs and a getting started video.

The first section I am eager to preview first is the list of prospects, aptly titled “My Prospects”. I click the link and am able to preview the 70 prospect list personal info. I see first and last name, email address (lots of Gmail by the looks of it) IP address, and Genuine Interest Level Grading for each prospect. Nice, very nice. Ok now I am really starting to chomp at the bit to blast out one of my high converting sales emails using the free emailer that comes with my Organic Prospects membership.

My Results –

There’s nothing quite like joining and testing a program for yourself, to see once and for all if it WORKS or NOT!

I joined Organic Prospects just over a week ago and sent out my first mailing to my prospects. Here are my first mailing results:

490 prospects mailed 3 days ago – I received a 16% viewing which is 78 views and also an 8% click through rate which got me 39 actual clicks to my personal link.

And finally out of those 39 clicks I got 3 sales at my $18 program price point program, which is 4 Corners Alliance Group.

So $54 in sales from one mailing to 490 leads.

It’s true that it depends on what your sending your prospects, but these are MY results from my first mailing.

So this is how I see it. Organic Prospects is a legit program. I really had no idea what to expect before running this test because I’ve tried a lot of useless ad sites in the past, so its nice to see something actually work for a change.

I will keep you all up to date with how things go for this program over time, but for now I’ve already made enough to pay for another month of Organic Prospects.

Keep on reaching everyone, Talk to you later.

Kyle Jesperson




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13 Responses to Is Organic Prospects Legit?

  1. Steve says:

    My early on results were similar to yours. The thing that I learned early on was sending out opt-in forms and free offers is a huge waste of time. I’ve been seeing the best results hammering a variety of direct paid to join programs right away…Ha you would think going slow early on would be the best course of action, but not for me. I feel I wasted the first 3 weeks going to slow and I know 2 other people using Organic Prospects that feel THE EXACT SAME WAY AS I DO!
    End of rant lol. Congrats on your early success anyways.


  2. Alexander says:

    Hello, I also had very decent results using OP to grow my list. 70 people per day really adds up fast but here’s a tip. If you signup someone into OraganicProspects using your referral link you get twice as many people added to your list each day (140 as opposed to 70) I don’t think that is mentioned on the main page but it is explained in the members areas after you join. Cheers!


  3. MarketingQueenBee says:

    Love love lovin this program! yes oh yes haha…You are doing well Kyle keep it up my marketing friend! Stay the course and don’t give up…consistency is the key and don’t you forget it ❤ 🙂


  4. Brendan James Macleod says:

    Thanks for this review…especially your stats detail..I don’t know how many reviews out there for other programs I’ve come across that talk about signups BUT SHOW NO STATS! Getting actual clicks is the real indicator of a programs effectiveness. That and where the clicks come from, so getting literal clicks/visits from prequalified people is pretty much a “best case scenario” Please check your Organic Prospects downline later tonight Kyle as I’m joining up through you right now. Cheers Mate! BJ


  5. Travis Fulton says:

    Hey, I like the fact they actually give you a mailer to contact your leads…Sooo many other lead company’s offer nothing in terms of contact. I mean come on, really? What do they expect you to do with all the email addresses, message them one at a time in gmail? I recommend these guys for sure..


  6. Clint Fairchild says:

    I have gone through every word on your site here, and I just wanted you to know that you have done an amazing job here. Very informative, and from the heart.

    You’re very inspiring.

    I think I’m going to signup with you to see how these prospects work for me !!

    Looking forward!

    Clint….the newbie.


  7. Simon Pritchard says:

    Hey buddy. I have got mostly poor results from internet advertising sites since I started last year but Organic Prospects has ben different for me thank god. The getting started video is helpful and the training is the best and simplest I’ve ever seen. Best of luck with helping others reach their goals.
    Peace out.


  8. Lewellyn says:

    Hello Kyle, I have been looking for a way to make money online for a while. I am going to sign up for an account as suggested. Best wishes Lewellyn


  9. Luna Perez says:

    I found you on twitter and just thought i would pop by and have a look at your website, and say hello, great review of OP and totally agree with all the comments, best thing since sliced bread, i joined 2 months back and i soon got addicted to the community and have never looked back, many of my prospects are now my virtual family
    Best of luck


  10. Janet Montgomery says:

    Hey there, this sounds like a great opportunity. What if you don’t necessarily want to sell a product but you want to promote Organic Prospects as an afiliate? I was wondering if it would be worth it to join because I would definitely need help getting this all up and running.


  11. Arlen says:

    AWESOME REVIEW ON ORGANIC PROSPECTS..! Just recently signed-up because of your review and am loving it. Support has been so incredibly helpful and the actual leads are way above par. I truly was not expecting all this.. Words simply can’t describe how great it is to finally get some paid sales into my program. Thanks Kyle!! 🙂

    p.s. I’m excited to start promoting this brand new ClickBank site.. I just know, this is going to go great!


  12. Timothy Rudiger says:

    Hey there,

    Firstly thank you very much for sharing this with us. This is a very well written review post. My questions are :

    Is Organic Prospects beginner friendly? because I am total beginner and I need to learn from the ground up.
    Can I contact the OP owners Aaron and Greg when I need help?
    I’m thinking to join OP. Thanks in advance.

    Kindest Regards,


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